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CV formats

Remember different CV formats contain the same information but sections such as your work history and your achievements can be in different places and in a different order depending upon the CV format chosen. These changes can help to make your CV stand out from the crowd to an employer. Different CV formats can highlight your strengths, help you target a specific job or your career ambitions such as career change.

Use the links below to view four different CV formats:

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Job Hunting: Applications, CV’s and Interviews

What not to do…

Online applications

Find out how to make successful online applications

You’ve submitted a great application and got yourself an interview… by Skype. Top tips on using the technology to impress prospective employers to get that job.

Watch four short videos giving advice on how to approach that all-important job interview – how to deal with interview nerves, what to wear and how you can use body language to impress your potential future boss.

Learn what to expect at your interview with a range of major UK companies.

Understanding the job market

Labour market information (LMI) can tell you the number of people employed in particular types of jobs including the number of people who are unemployed.  It looks at the employment situation at a local level as well as nationally. LMI can help with your future career choices as it identifies areas both geographical and occupational with skills shortages.  Occupations which are expected to see an increase in demand for particular skill sets are also highlighted.  Looking further ahead LMI includes emerging jobs and jobs for the future which we may not have even heard of at the moment.

Our careers software programmes such as eClips (available from the password protected area) and Careers Explorer can provide you with up to date labour market information on a range of careers and occupations.

Useful Websites

Luminate – student and graduate labour market information

NOMIS – official labour market statistics

SEMLEP – South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership – LMI for the South East Midlands