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Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ's

The council have asked for a Proof of Enrolment letter. How can I obtain one of these?

We can help you with this. You can either visit the Student Services office or email through to us with your full name, date of birth, student number, address and course details. You must be enrolled before we can provide you with a proof of enrolment letter.

I am not sure I have picked the right course. Can you help me?

Yes, we would be happy to support you. Please get in touch with us via Teams, email or by visiting us in the service.

How can Student Services help me?

We can support you with:

  • Appointments for careers – we provide impartial advice
  • Apprenticeship appointments
  • Support for wellbeing and counselling
  • Advice about UCAS, personal statements and Higher Education
  • Advice about student finance
  • Course advice and guidance
  • Bursary payment queries
  • Financial advice and guidance
  • International advice and guidance
  • Safeguarding and wellbeing
  • Travel to college advice and guidance
  • CV support
  • NARIC for international qualifications
  • Financial Support
  • General Course Enquiries
I want to come to college, but I have no idea who to speak to about this. Can you help me?

You are able to book a 1:1 appointment by calling or emailing us. We can then discuss this further with you.

I haven’t received my timetable yet – can you help me with this?

5. I haven’t received my timetable yet – can you help me with this?

Is there any counselling support?

Yes, you can access this support by speaking with us or by contacting your PAT.

Is there a school nurse?

We do not have a school nurse, but we have many members of staff who are first aid trained, Youth Mental Health First Aiders and a sexual health nurse who offers support once a week.

I would like to apply for university – can you help me with this?

Yes, the Student Services Team can help you with a UCAS application. Please contact us to book a 1:1 to discuss this further.

Is there anywhere I can access sanitary products if and when I need them?

Yes, you can visit the Student Services office or the LIVE team for support with this.

I am not sure what to do after my course – can you support me?

Yes, we can talk you through a range of alternatives to university and university too.

Can you support me if I’d like an apprenticeship?

Yes, we can provide the details for the Apprenticeship team within the college, show you the government Find an Apprenticeship page and also provide information on local apprenticeships in the area.

Can you support me with my CV writing?

Yes, we would be happy to provide helpful documents to support you and also work with you on a 1:1 basis should you want your CV to be checked before you provide employers with it.

I have a job/university interview – can you support me with this?

Yes, we can book you in for a mock interview – please don’t hesitate in contacting us should you wish to book one.

I am feeling really overwhelmed with the different courses and career options – how can you support me with this?

This is something we can book you in for a 1:1 to discuss in further detail. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

What do I do if I have forgotten my ID badge and I have a meals bursary

Come to Student services, we can issue an emergency meals voucher for that day.

What happens if I have the meals bursary but my ID badge does not work in the canteen?

Come to Student services, we can issue an emergency meals voucher for that day.  The data for the bursary  may need to be re-loaded onto your card.

If I have the meals bursary can I carry the daily amount over to the next day?

No, you can only use your allowance for each day on the day.

Bursaries FAQs

How long will my application take to be assessed?

This can take up to 6-8 weeks from the day you submit a full application alongside the correct evidence to support your application.

I am a returning learner. Do I need to apply again?

Yes, you will need to submit a new application alongside new evidence for the academic year. You can log back in to your account and do this.

I am currently in care. I am not sure what household evidence to provide. Can you help me?

You would just need a letter from your Social Worker or Support Worker on headed paper stating that you are currently in care or a care leaver. This is all of the evidence you would need to upload.

Can I apply for a bursary even if I don’t have my student number yet?

Yes, you can still apply for a bursary. When you visit the bursary portal (please see the link above), you will be given the option to register without a student number.

How do I upload evidence for my bursary?

You can take a photo on your phone or a screenshot to then upload this. Please make sure you can clearly see the entire document (all four corners). Please note, the bursary team will need to see all documents pages (even if the last page is blank).

I have started a new job, and I only have one wage slip. What should I do?

This shouldn’t be a problem – please upload the evidence you have alongside an offer letter/contract that states what your annual income will be

I haven’t picked my college course yet. Should I still apply for a bursary?

Yes, we can still assess your application for travel and meals. When you fully enrol, we can then look at assessing for course costs etc.

Will my bursary be in place for when I start college?

If you apply in full with the correct evidence by the 6th of August 2021, your bursary payments will be in place for when you start your course in September. If you apply after this date, support for when you start in September cannot be guaranteed.

Do you have paper application forms for the bursary?

No, the applications are all completed online. If you do have any questions about your application, however, please don’t hesitate in contacting the Student Services Team.


What if my household income is just above the threshold for applying for a bursary?

Please contact the Student Services Team so we can discuss your current circumstances.

Why have the bursary team emailed me requesting further evidence?

This may be because the evidence you have submitted may be incorrect. This could be that it is out of date, blurry, unclear, or with content or pages missing. Please log back in to your account and upload the evidence requested. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in contacting the Student Services Team.

How will I know that my bursary has been approved?

You will receive an email from the bursary team to the email address you used to register for your bursary. Please ensure you use an email address that is in use. For example, do not use your old school email address.

How will I receive my bursary payment?

This will be a combination of internal transfers and BACS payments. For example, if you are awarded meals, this will be awarded to you via your Student ID card. If you are awarded course costs, this will most likely be awarded to you via a BACS payment (this means it will go in to your bank account). It will say on your ‘Final Award Letter’ how you will receive your bursary payments.

I haven’t heard from the bursary team in 6-8 weeks. Why is this?

This may be because your bursary application is ‘Incomplete’. Please ensure you have completed all of the bursary application sections, uploaded your evidence, added your bank details and agreed to Terms and Conditions of the bursary. If sections are left unfinished, your bursary application could be listed as ‘Incomplete’, and it won’t have been submitted to the bursary team for review and assessment. If you haven’t received an email confirmation to say you have fully submitted your bursary application, please ensure you log back in and check you have completed the application in full.

When will I receive my bursary payments?

The first travel BACS payments will be made on the 10th of September, if you are enrolled student with an approved application. Then, further travel payments will be paid to you on the first Friday of every month.

The first course material payments (uniform, books, equipment) will be made on the 5th of November. Tutors are aware that students may not have all of their kit at the start of term due to the payment date for course costs.

How do I order and pay for uniform?

Student who are not in receipt of course costs on their bursary will need to order course kit themselves. You can speak to your tutors for order forms for your kit.

I haven’t received my bursary payment – why is this?

This could be due to attendance. Payments will not be made if your attendance drops below 90%.

I am self-employed, so I do not have wage slips. What evidence can I provide instead?

You can provide a letter from an accountant, an annual tax review or your most recent audited accounts evidence from within the last 12-months.

Do you accept bank statements?

No, we do not. You would need to provide the exact evidence that the bursary prompts you to add.

I have a letter from the Job Centre, but it is 6-months old. Will you accept it?

All evidence will need to be from within the last 3-months, so please provide an up-to-date letter by requesting one from the Job Centre.

I am 18 – do you offer childcare support?

If you are aged 16-18, you can apply for childcare support on the .gov website: – the phone number is 0800 121 8989

Will the B&B payments be paid to me or the B&B directly?

The B&B will be paid directly from the college.

I am 20 – what childcare support could I be eligible for?

We would need to see if your course is eligible for childcare support. If it is, we could provide childcare for timetabled lessons on a term-time only basis. A direct payment would then be paid to the childcare provider on the 1st week of each month. Please contact Student Services for more information on childcare support and to find out if your course is eligible.

What evidence do I need if I am applying for childcare support if I am aged 19+?

You will need:

  • Completed and signed childcare form – this will be on the website
  • Full copy of child birth certificate
  • Childcare contract/agreement
  • Childcare Ofsted certificate – the childcare provider can provide you with thi
I have been awarded bursary money towards trips. How can I access this?

You will be given a trip code that you are able to then use when you follow the link your tutor sends you and use the code when ‘checking out’.

Where do I find out about bus routes?

You would need to check the local travel provider websites. This tends to be Stagecoach and Centre Bus. Please see the links for support: and

I have been awarded free bus pass. How do I get this?

Please contact Student Services and we will provide you with a code and how-to guide to support you with purchasing it from the Stagecoach website. You will need a new code for each term (we only provide codes for students who are awarded a free bus pass).

How often will I receive my bursary payments/bus pass?
  • Travel: termly
  • Course costs: one off payment
  • Trip costs: when you are going on a trip (you may need to personally contribute towards your trip costs also).
  • Meal bursary: this will be on your card for everyday you are timetabled to be in college. £4 from September 2021
  • Print credit: one-off payment
  • Residential: monthly
  • Childcare: monthly